He Speaks to Us, We Just Have to Pay Attention!
My car serves a variety of functions in addition to getting me from point A to point B safely. If you've listened to the show for any length of time you've heard me talk about listening to my Joyce Meyer podcasts on the way into work to get my day started in the right frame of mind.
Yard Sign Shows You’re Definitely in The South
The family and I were driving up to Springhill yesterday morning to spend some time with my Dad on Father's Day.  That's when I saw it.  This little yard sign said it all.  It tells the world just where you are and who runs this part of the country.
LSU Airbrushes Over Christian Fans’ Crosses
In a story originally reported by we discovered that a photo of The Painted Posse, a group of devout LSU fans who are also devout, Christians had been altered.  In their original photo you plainly see the small crosses painted on their bodies as a sign of their Christianity.  However, in…