The good news is that the current temperature in Bossier and Shreveport is only 78 degrees and not the 100+ it's been many days this summer.

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The bad news, for a number of Bossier Parish and a few Webster Parish SWEPCO customers, is that the power is out. The outage area extends from Sligo in south Bossier Parish all the way up to just south of Cotton Valley in Webster Parish.

As of 4:14 am on Thursday, August 18, SWEPCO is reporting a total of 32 outage cases resulting in 4,916 customers that are without power.


In the text message we received from SWEPCO, the electricity for a large swath of the customers in the Bellevue and Princeton area is estimated to be back on by 7:30 am this morning.

At this writing we have received no word from SWEPCO officials regarding the cause for the outage, nor any time estimates for the power to return to the other outages being worked at this time.

To see a constantly updated map of the SWEPCO outages in the area, go HERE or if you need to report a SWEPCO outage in your area, just go HERE

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