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Obviously, we need to work together to end this pandemic in order to save lives and our economy.  Just being brutally honest here: I also need it to be over as soon as safely possible so I don't have to help my son with distance learning.  My nightmare is that he will get to the end off the school year,  then they tell him he has to repeat his grade because he didn't do well during the first 6 weeks.

Imagine my relief when I read today that Shreveport Charter Schools would be helping 9th - 12th students stay on the path the graduation even if they had struggled and stumbled through the whole "distance learning" era of their education.

If you need some help getting back on the graduation track, or want to help Pathways in Education - click here.  Three virtual open houses will be held for you to check it out, students who want to take advantage of this second chance have to sign up here.

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