We've all see the stately structure on our televisions. It's usually the backdrop for at least a thousand Washington D.C. based news reports every day. It's the people's house, The White House. It's where our president lives and over the weekend it was the focal point of conspiracy theorists around the internet.

Okay, this isn't about the usual White House conspiracies, this is about the flashing red lights that were seen for several minutes that appeared to come from the building's second floor. If you look at the two windows to the far right you will see red lights flashing.

To me, it looks like the kind of lights you might see associated with an ambulance or other emergency vehicles. I am not sure how you'd get one of those on the second floor of the White House without CNN or Fox News finding out.

The lights flash for a little over 15 minutes and then they subside. The White House finally came clean about the origin of the lights on Monday. According to a spokesperson, the lights were a reflection. They didn't originate from inside the house.

It seems the windows on The White House were reflecting emergency lights of a first responder vehicle that was responding to an emergency near the property. So, no aliens, no Russians, nothing really juicy. Still, it's fun to speculate when our national security is at stake, isn't it?


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