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After a steer escaped it's handler, the East Texas State Fair quickly turned into Running of the Bulls.

In case you haven't noticed, it's absolutely state fair season, y'all. The smell of livestock, corn dogs, and funnel cakes fill the air, I absolutely love this time of year. This weekend, our neighbors in East Texas held their East Texas State Fair. Many fair-lovers here in Shreveport-Bossier may have made the short drive to Tyler to get in on the carnival action ahead of our own state fair, which takes place at the end of October.

The East Texas State Fair is always a lot of fun, and it's generally a very safe and well-put-together event. However, this took a drastic turn in the blink of an eye on Sunday, September 26th.

Late in the afternoon, a crew of handlers were moving the livestock into their travel trailers, when somehow, a steer broke loose from the pack. To make matters worse, the steer found itself in the middle of unknown territory, with no barriers in sight to keep the steer away from unsuspecting crowd walking the midway.

Once the steer began to make a break for the midway, one man attempted to stop it by grabbing and latching onto it's tail, but it was no use. The steer had already set its sights on a group of people minding their own business on the midway.

The group appeared to be Saints fans, clearly, this steer roots for the Dallas Cowboys. One woman did receive minor injuries, but declined help from the paramedic.

You have to see this video!

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