Joshua Scott Jones and Meghan Linsey have come a long way since their fateful meeting at a Nashville karaoke bar. They’re now engaged to be married, while also making up the rising country duo Steel Magnolia, with three top 40 singles and a pair of CMA Awards nominations on their growing list of achievements.

As their self-titled debut CD launches its fourth single, ‘Bulletproof,’ Jones and Linsey are preparing to join Reba McEntire, Edens Edge, and the Band Perry on the road this fall. But even as they look forward to entertaining those crowds, they’re also looking ahead to their next album.

During a recent interview, Steel Magnolia discussed their shift in sound for ‘Bulletproof,’ which offered Linsey a rare opportunity to take the lead vocal spotlight. “I think people are gonna hear it and go, ‘Who’s that?’ you know,” predicted Linsey. “So it’s something different that we haven’t done yet.”

And speaking of things they haven’t done yet, Linsey revealed, “We have a lot of stuff that we’ve been writing over the last couple of years and a lot of stuff that didn’t make the first record.”

“We wrote with some great writers,” added Jones. “We wrote with Jeffrey Steele recently. We wrote a great song with Charles Kelley, Dallas Davidson. It’s a nice community there in Nashville, songwriters and everything, so we’ve gotten a lot of opportunities to write some great music, and listen to some great music.”

He went on, “The second record, we could make one now if we wanted to, but this record has just been out since January and we’re still trying to give it some space for it to grow on people. And I think the single ‘Bulletproof’ is gonna show a different side of us.”

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