One of the most historic and iconic buildings in Shreveport is Logan Mansion. Located at 725 Austin Place, the Victorian House was built in 1897. Since being built, the Mansion has served multiple purposes: it's been a boarding house, a church, a radio station and a haunted house well known for ghost sightings. Now, you can rent a room at the historical site.

This weekend while searching Shreveport history, I found Logan Mansion on Air BNB. For the low, low price of $129 a night, you can stay in a piece of Shreveport history. Below is the description listed on the site:

Legendary Historic 1897 Queen Anne Victorian House located within walking distance to downtown restaurants, clubs, venues and the Municipal Auditorium. Our focus is to provide an exceptional Guest experience that includes hot breakfast, high end bedding to insure a great nights sleep and very dedicated owners to address the needs of any guest.
Each room equipped with a K-Cup Coffee Maker, Stocked Mini Fridge with snacks.
We do have a connecting bedroom room. Please inquire if required.

I think the owners are under selling the building a bit with that description. Logan Mansion has a long and deep history of ghost sightings. 11 year old Theodora Hunt, who local legend claims she jumped to her death in 1904 from the top of the mansion, allegedly pulls mischievous pranks on visitors.

Ghost stories aside, the building is absolutely beautiful. And aside from a few comfort upgrades, is close to and has the same feel as it did in the 1800s! If you're looking for a bit of fun and to experience Shreveport History first hand, a stay at Logan Mansion is EXACTLY what you need! You can find more details and book your stay here.

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