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No, you didn't read that wrong. Nor have you accidentally slept through summer and magically awakened just before October. This Saturday, May 1 really is the start of squirrel season in Louisiana. It's the "Spring" version and real squirrel hunters really enjoy having another opportunity to pursue their favorite game as they still hunt or get to use their trained squirrel dogs for another few weeks.

I personally love eating squirrel and once upon a time I loved to hunt squirrels. It takes me back to my childhood days walking the woods with my grandfather and his beloved squirrel dog, Bob. I can still hear him hollering out "Come on Bob. Run him up a short tree this time."

However, as I got older and began to realize my own mortality, I discovered a huge respect for snakes. Especially copperheads. And what I began to notice was that when a person spots a copperhead while squirrel hunting, every stick on the ground becomes a copperhead. Are you aware of just how many sticks are on the ground; in the woods? You've now stopped squirrel hunting and you've become a snake hunter.  I just got to the point where it was much easier to sit in a tree, deer hunting, safely a dozen feet away from any of those copperheads. I say this to remind you that if you are going to take part in this spring season, just keep an eye open for old "No Shoulders" and that snake chaps are a good investment in your safety.  I'll just stick to my bass boat and leave you to the woods.

According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website, the season begins Saturday and will continue through Sunday, May 23.  Besides the obvious temperature difference, the biggest difference between this season and the Fall season is the daily bag limit which is a conservative three, with a possession limit of nine.

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