In case you haven't heard, Kiss Country's Secret Sound Contest is literally giving away thousands of dollars!  Our current sound is worth $800 and because we haven't had a winner as of yet, we are releasing clues to its identity every weekday.

Meaning that if we don't get a winner by the end of today, we'll have a new clue Monday morning.  And if we don't get a winner by the end of Monday, we'll have another new clue on Tuesday.

Well, we're adding a little lagniappe to this one!  If we don't get that winner by Monday evening, not only will we get a "regular" new clue Tuesday morning, November 13, BUT we'll also give a special BONUS CLUE, that will never be on the radio or the website.  The only way you'll get that one is through the Kiss Country 93.7 App on your cell phone.

So, if you don't have the Kiss Country App yet, you'll want to make sure you get it downloaded by Monday evening, November 12.  Just go to your app store and search for Kiss Country Shreveport!  It'll look just like this:

Kiss Country App

Once you've downloaded, make sure you enable the Alerts or Notifications so that when we send out the special clue Tuesday morning, you'll be sure to get it!  Hey, it doesn't cost a dime to download and it might just earn you $800 in the Kiss Country Secret Sound contest!

Got questions on how to download?  Just go HERE

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