One woman turned to her faith to help her drop the pounds thanks to the "Daniel Diet."

Out of all of the diet fads out there, who would have thought turning to faith would be the trick. I mean, it makes sense right? You turn to your faith for big decisions, tragedy and more, so why not look at your health the same way? After all, isn't gluttony one of the seven deadly sins? According to KSLA and Memphis WMC, that's exactly what Alemtria Turner in Memphis did.

She firmly believes that it was faith that helped her drop 177 pounds and deliver her from food.

Almetria was diabetic and diagnosed with high blood pressure. Losing weight was her only way to live. It was four years ago that she began the Daniel Diet at New Direction Christian Church. It was a spiritual fast, but it soon turned into a new lifestyle for her. Based on the Biblical passage in which Daniel fasted, only eating vegetable and drinking water. Some churches tweak it to include fruits, beans and even brown rice, making it more of a vegan diet.

The idea is to grow closer to God and cleanse the body at the same time.

According to Almetria, "You can sit there and deny yourself some of the food that you use to turn to when you can actually turn to God." I love that.

See her unbelievable before and after photo in this video:

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