reports that the LifeWay Christian Resources’ Annual Church Profile Report for 2016 has come out and it shows a disturbing trend for Southern Baptist Churches.  The report shows that nearly a loss of 78,000 members in 2016 which makes the total lost in the past decade around 1 Million.

Baptisms were also down around 15,000 in 2016 which puts the year as the lowest year since 1946. Church leaders while concerned by the report are trying to look at the bright side where the convention added 479 churches and while Baptisms were down there were still 280,773 people baptized.

So what is the reason for the decline of people in the church? Are people leaving the church or are they going towards non denominational churches? Also what if anything can be done to stop the decline of the Southern Baptist Convention? Church leaders are meeting this week in Arizona where you can be sure all of these questions will be addressed.

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