Do You Smell That? It's Officially Grilling Season in Shreveport.

If you spent any time outside this weekend you probably smelled the goodness of some delicious barbecue on the grill. It feels like the heat brings out the culinary genius in all of us.

There are Several Dangers When It Comes to Grilling.

We have all heard of the fire risk when it comes to grills. We know not to put a grill on a balcony or deck. The combustible materials can catch fire and ignite whatever is nearby. What about the coals long after the grilling is done?

Live Oak Environmental VIA Facebook
Live Oak Environmental VIA Facebook

Shreveport Just Saw a Scary Picture Proving Coals Can Start a Scary Fire.

Live Oak Environmental just took to their Facebook page to share a scary photo of one of their trucks with flames coming out the back. Here is our reminder to never place used charcoal in your garbage bin. "We greatly value each and every customer we service. That said, this is a $350,000 truck that was almost destroyed today because someone in Woodlake North decided to put hot coals in their garbage can. PLEASE understand that coals although they may appear “out” will become hot and create fire as soon as wind hits them. DO NOT PLACE used charcoal in you waste cart."

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