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No, this is not an old story - but it is a familiar one.  Thanks to the latest variant of the dreaded COVID-19 virus dubbed "Omicron," the ugly specters of postponements, cancellations, and "distance learning" look to be making a comeback.  The rise in cases is truly astounding, and it's mostly due to this latest mutation of the microorganism that has gripped the world in a years-long pandemic.  Although hospitalizations and deaths attributed to COVID-19's latest reinvention aren't rising as fast as the virus' previous iterations, the effects on our society seem to be the same.

Coronavirus Pandemic Moves Cambridge Uni Students To Online Learning
Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

The Days of Distance Learning Are Back At Shreveport's LSUS

One of those callbacks to the early days of the pandemic is "distance learning."  Say those words to a parent that has tried to navigate the relatively new technology rolled out to make it possible for a teacher to reach out via the internet to all of their students, and you may see them suffer from terrible flashbacks.  Maybe you loved it, but my family and I are not big fans.

Students At The University Of New Mexico Attend Classes On First Day Of New School Year
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Some Shreveport LSUS Students May Actually Like Virtual Classes More Than Regular Ones

However, when you look at how college students handle the same situation - it's a completely different ballgame.  Students with their hearts set on a higher education mostly thrive getting their lessons via Zoom, all from the comfort of their own home.  Sure, everyone's social life takes a pretty big hit - but that may actually bring grades up.

UNLV Holds Hybrid In-Person And Remote Classes Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
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Like It Or Not, Distance Learning is Coming Back This Month at Shreveport's LSUS

Regardless if you are a fan of getting all of your instruction from a tiny screen or not, distance learning is coming back to Shreveport's LSUS this month.  According to the ArkLaTex Homepage, officials at LSUS have announced that the spring semester will start virtually for the weeks of January 10th and 17th.  Classes may go back to the old-school, face-to-face style we all grew up with after that, but they may not.  Officials with the university say that after the first 2 weeks, if the community and campus COVID-19 positivity rates drop below 10%, in-person classes with commence.

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