A five-man, seven-woman jury handed down a guilty verdict in the second-degree murder case against 30 year old Shreveport resident Dylan James Magluilo yesterday.  The ruling in District Judge Katherine Dorroh's courtroom carries with it a mandatory life sentence and hard labor without the possibility of parole.  The sentence is expected to handed down on November 21st.

The case stems from Dylan's involvement in a 2015 murder on the I-20 westbound exit at Monkhouse Drive.  According to the Ark-La-Tex Homepage - Magluilo, Mark Anthony Cornett (the victim), and 3 other people were going to buy some methamphetamines.  Cornett was behind the wheel when they stopped at Monkhouse Drive.  That's when Dylan produced a 9mm pistol and shot Cornett in the back of the head at point blank range.

If ever there has been a perfect example of why you shouldn't do drugs, it's this guy.  I've made bad decisions before, but it takes a special combination of bad, stupid, and high to think that shooting the driver of the car you are currently in is a good idea.

Jurors needed only 80 minutes to unanimously agree on the verdict.  Dylan James Magluilo is currently being held in the Caddo Correctional Center.