As crime numbers across the area grow and both elected officials and law enforcement debate possible solutions, one Shreveport resident has said, "Enough is enough," after an encounter with a man brandishing a handgun at a local convenience store.

The gentlemen, whose name has been withheld, related the incident via text message, describing not only the moment itself, but the aftermath in which he decided, "No more."

"I’m not sure I would call (this) attempted robbery since he didn’t demand anything.

Wednesday night, 7pm, Circle K Youree at Southfield. My wife and I were getting gas. She was in the car when and a girl in a Jeep with Texas plates pulled up across from us.

Two guys came out of the store - so they should be on (security) camera. I was looking at the gas meter and one said, “What are you looking at MF???”

“I’m not looking at anything - just getting gas."

“We’ll you need to look the other way.”

“I’m just getting gas, dude.”

He walks around from the other side of his car towards me (20 feet or so), points a pistol (a 9mm?) and says, “Move on MF before I kill your ass."

“All good, I’m out right now."


They sat parked in the Jeep and were in no hurry to leave. I called 911, gave a full description of the vehicle with license number and told the operator they were still there.

Two officers in one unit arrived 15 minutes later. The Jeep had left five minutes prior to their arrival, heading towards Albertson’s on Southfield Avenue. The officers pulled into Circle K. 

One of the officers went in the back to look at surveillance tape. He said he couldn’t see anything outside because it was raining. He had no answer about indoor surveillance despite me stating that two of the guys - including the armed one - had been inside the store.


I realize this happens in every city, not just Shreveport, but SPD’s response unacceptable. And I’m not buying the "department’s down 100 officers” excuse anymore.

In addition, the officer said they could only issue a BOLO (be on the lookout) for the Jeep because SPD can’t track out-of-state plates. If it’s indeed true, the agency has significant issues other than being short on personnel…

A man pointed a gun at me with his the finger on the trigger and SPD says they can only issue a BOLO? Would that have been the case if he’d held up the clerk inside?

I was born in Shreveport have lived here 80% of my life. My roots are here, but I moved today, and I have no intention to come back The primary reasons are the city is and has been dysfunctional and poorly managed. The poor job outlook is why I left too. My kids moved last year for the same reason and they have no desire to come back to Shreveport either."

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