Looks like Shreveport's Becca Tilley didn't find love, yet again, on Season 20 of The Bachelor. But how did she take the rejection this time?

As one of the final six women this season, Becca thought that it could be possible to find love. But it's obviuos that Ben Higgins didn't feel the same way. After she did not receive a rose during the rose ceremony on Monday night, Becca asked Ben, "Why did you do that?" Ben then went on to explain that it didn't seem fair to her or her family to move her along to next week's "meet the parents" hometown dates. I think her response was spot on (even though I'm sure it hurt.) "I would rather it be now than later, if you were uncertain."
Although as she rode off in the limo, she did say, "It's just so frustrating. Why would I keep putting myself in this position? I don't want to be alone."

We wish Becca the best as she heads on the next adventure in her life!

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