Stories like these are simply hard to write.

As a father of two precious children myself, it;s hard to believe that anyone would purposely hurt their own child. Whenever one of my daughters gets a simple headache my heart hurts for them.

My heart is hurting for this child today, to say the very least.

A mother in Shreveport is being accused of hurting her own child, in order to receive an insurance payout.

Reports say that following a city bus accident, 38-year-old Deidra Lee, slammed the head of her nearly two-year-old child into the seat in front of them. She did so in order to claim an insurance pay-day following the accident.

Hardy says Lee is charged with cruelty to a juvenile and two counts of insurance fraud for the disturbing incident.

Authorities did not release details on the condition of the child following the crash.

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