KTBS reports according to a report in Bloomberg Business citing data from Realtor.com that Shreveport is one of the top 10 cities in the country for millennials to start a life in. In 2015 a study for first time home buyers showed 44% were millennials as compared to the national average for that age at 37%.

Scott Martinez, President of the North Louisiana Economic Partnership, a regional economic development organization told KTBS “Shreveport has the lowest cost of living in Louisiana at 88.9% of the national average, according to the most recent Cost of Living Index. Our economy also provides ample employment opportunities and a highly entrepreneurial business climate.” According to Realtor.com the average house costs around $50,000 less in Shreveport than the national average.

Not to mention all the unique restaurants and parks to vist around the SBC! With all the new additions to the downtown area and jobs is sure to see things only get better.

Cost of living and the increase of tech jobs in the area were the reason Forbes ranked Shreveport No. 18 among “Best Opportunity Cities” in 2014!

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