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The job market in the United States looks a lot different today than it did at this time in 2020. Now we're on the backside of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the unemployment rate has been surprisingly low across the US. In fact, the unemployment rate has been so low on a national scale, that it is challenging the traditional definition of a "recession" in the economy.

Looking at the June 2022 unemployment numbers, it shows just how far the US has come since the COVID-19 pandemics largest impact on the economy. The personal finance site WalletHub has been tracking the changes in unemployment across the 180 largest cities in the US since the start of the pandemic. They have been using key metrics to track the changes the nation, and individual cities have seen.

For the June 2022 unemployment numbers, the national average is at 3.6%, which is 76% lower than the peak of COVID unemployment in April of 2020. That kind of impact can even be seen in a city like Shreveport, even if the current unemployment numbers aren't great.

Compared to the June 2020 unemployment numbers, Shreveport's most recent unemployment rate is down 58%. Looking at June of 2021 compared to the recent data, Shreveport's unemployment rate is down 35%.

But looking at May of 2022 vs June of 2022, a different picture emerges. The unemployment in the city jumped by 22% month-to-month. With the latest unemployment number for Shreveport being 5.6%.

Shreveport's unemployment rate isn't the worst in the nation, but it's near the bottom. Here are the Top 20 Cities For Unemployment Rate:

1. Detroit - 10.10%
2. Dover, DE - 8%
3. Cleveland - 7.7%
4. Wilmington, DE - 7.2%
5. Brownsville, TX - 7.1%
6 (tie). North Las Vegas - 6.9%
6 (tie). Memphis - 6.9%
8. New Orleans - 6.5%
9. Fayetteville, NC - 6.4%
10. Bridgeport, CT - 6.3%
11. Philadelphia - 6.2%
12 (tie). New York City - 6.1%
12 (tie). Baltimore - 6.1%
14 (tie). Newark, NJ - 5.9%
15 (tie). Las Vegas - 5.9%
16 (tie). Stockton, CA - 5.7%
16 (tie). Chicago - 5.7%
18. Shreveport - 5.6%
19 (tie). Milwaukee - 5.4%
19 (tie). Washington, DC - 5.4%
19 (tie). Corpus Christi, TX - 5.4%

Even though Detroit has the worst unemployment in the nation, they have been in showing declines in the unemployment rate over the last two years. They're the only on this list, and one of the only cities overall, who showed a shrinking unemployment rate between May 2022 and June of 2022.

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