As we wrap up 2020, several local charitable agencies have been busy trying to meet the needs in our community during this most difficult year.

The Shreveport Council recently approved some extra funding for several of these agencies.

The money will come from the Riverfront Development Special Revenue Fund.

Here are the agencies getting some of the money:

MLK Community Development Corp $15,000

Northwest LA Youth Golf & Education Foundation Inc $15,000

Oasis of Hope $15,000

Fit For Life Ministries, Inc.$15,000

Food Bank of Northwest LA $15,000

MLK Health Center & Pharmacy $15,000

Volunteers for Youth Justice $15,000

Red River Film Society dba Robinson Film Center $12,500

CoHabitat Foundation, Inc. $12,500

Betty & Leonard Phillips Deaf Action Center $5,000

The total is $135,000 and will help these agencies continue to work through the challenges we have been facing this year.

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