When I was a kid, and first booted up the video game Doom, my life changed.

That may sound like hyperbole, but I assure you, it's not.

I play video games daily, and I have for most of my life. From roughly the point I first played Doom until this very day. I've watched games evolve from Doom, to Quake, to Resident Evil 2, through Call of Duty, to Halo, and now games like PUBG...and even Fortnite. This evolution of games is thanks, mostly, to Doom.

That's right, without Doom, we don't have Fortnite.

I'm not here to get into that conversation, I'm here to share my excitement over the recently green-lit TV production for an adaptation of the book Masters of Doom.

In case you didn't know, iD Software is the company that created Doom in the early 90s. The foundation of the game was actually laid in Shreveport. As the iD co-founders John Carmack and John Romero both lived and worked in Shreveport, they worked late into the night on a daily basis creating the graphics and engine that would be needed for Doom to exist.

The book Masters of Doom explores some of these early days. Fans of the book, and the source material, have even gone out of their way to explore parts of the book that focus on Shreveport. Including exploring parts of Shreveport covered in the book on Google Maps.

Now a TV Network is looking to turn Masters of Doom into a TV series.

This new TV series is being ordered by USA Networks, which has actually had some tremendous shows recently (Mr. Robot, The Purge, Suits, Psych), and is to be developed by James Franco's company Ramona Films.

With the bulk of the origins in this story taking place in Shreveport, and some film credit exemptions still exiting in Louisiana, it's possible that some of this should could actually be filmed on location in Shreveport. Although nothing about that has even been discussed, this thing literally just got the green light. But please let us video game dorks at least have that hope.

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