The car sales game is heating up but in more ways than just discounts and deals... We now have a video off! Check out the video below from Chevyland in Shreveport where a couple of salesmen showed their inner Michael Bay..

Everyone in our office has been watching this video and we have to say we're impressed! Personally, it's hard to decide which was my favorite part... Either when the robot dropped down or when he had to dive to avoid a flying car. Regardless, this was an awesome video and I wish more car commercials were like this!

It seems we have a battle brewing between the Shreveport and Bossier Chevrolet dealerships, because earlier this week we were seeing the video from the salesman in Bossier everywhere. His showed off his singing, making us all wonder what the next video will be! Check out the Bossier video from Red River Chevrolet below...

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