Construction continues near downtown Shreveport on the long anticipated Shreveport Aquarium which is expected to be done later this summer. The new Aquarium will feature everything from a riverfront restaurant to many different interactive displays sure to spark the imagination of all their visitors. The Barnwell Center on Shreveport’s downtown riverfront will be home to the new aquarium which will add to the family friendly things to do in downtown Shreveport.

A complete remodel of The Barnwell Center is needed and has unearthed some interesting finds from Shreveports past. Spring Street Museum was on site today explaining the many findings that have been dug up. Before the Barnwell Center was built Marty Loschen from the museum says this was the location of the city dump. Ok granted that doesn't sound very luxurious but they've found many plates, cups and whiskey bottles from the 1930's and expect they will be finding more as construction goes on.

Check out the video from today...

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