A school up in Salt Lake City, Utah has announced that they will now be fining students for being tardy, according to KLTV. Uhmm... what?

Apparently the first time caught tardy is a free pass with a warning. Then students will be charged $3 and then the third offense will cost $5.

Would Louisiana do this to their education system?

According to Louisiana Believes, Louisiana students are able to miss 10 days of school. but when it comes to tardiness each school handles it differently and have their own policy to deal with it.

For example, Haughton High School's policy as stated on their website and on the student handbook:

"Each student is given 2 free tardies each 9 weeks (not two per class). Punishment begins on the 3rd tardy as follows: 3rd tardy—1 day detention, 4th tardy—2 days detention, 5th tardy—3 days detention, 6th tardy—GASP, and on/after 7th tardy, the student will face suspension from school."

Instead of detention time, would it be easier or more effective to charge them?

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