If you've been to a Mardi Gras Parade this year then chances are that you have a lot of left over beads you're not sure what to do with... Well donate them to the troops! Louisiana Heroes Project says that over 1,000 Louisiana troops are deployed around the world and they want to send a piece of home to them. The goal is to have it to them by Fat Tuesday at the latest so they're hoping to have the donations sent by Wednesday!

This is such a great way to send the joy of Mardi Gras to our soldiers who are away from their families could use the love. On the Heroes Project Facebook page they're asking for items like "hats, throws, costumes, beads, banners, hats, masks, LSU/Saints, LA inspired foods such as beignet mix, red beans and rice, King Cake with no filling, etc" to be included in the packages.

More details about how to send the care package click HERE!

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