For over a week, President Donald Trump has indicated that he was working on a plan to reopen the United States' economy, as more and more states slow the spread of COVID-19. Today the President will reveal his plan, and the Associated Press got a copy of the plan before it was announced.

According to the AP, here are the elements included in the plan:

  • Areas without major infection outbreaks, or declining infection rates, will be allowed to being a gradual reopening
  • The gradual reopening will be in three phases, and each phase will last as long as each Governor chooses. Meaning some phases could last for months.
  • Phase One tells employers to telework as much as possible, returning non-vulnerable employees to work only. Social distancing will have to continue in the workplace
  • Phase Two would resume "non-essential" travel. This phase would also allow schools to reopen. Bars, gyms, movie theaters, and venues could open, with social distancing measures in place. Elective surgeries could also start back up.
  • Phase Three reduces the social distancing measures in bars, gyms, movie theaters, stadiums, and large venues. As long as those areas increase hygiene options and sanitation.
  • Strong testing will be a part of the reopening process
  • The guidelines indicate that the process could extend through the end of 2020, at the earliest, for some areas
  • Some areas of the country could resume social gatherings much sooner than others

Dr. Deborah Birx, a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, suggested that states with less than 1,000 cases would likely be the states allowed to enter the phase-out first.

But ultimately Trump told the nation's Governors that the decisions in their states would be up to them. The AP says Trump told Governors:

"You're going to call your own shots." and "We're going to be standing along side of you"

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson added:

“It’s not going to immediately be a situation where we have stadiums full of people”

With a minimum 6-week timeline of phases, and most states not being in a position to even start those phases, the economy may not be open as fast as some hoped to see.

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