I am so guilty of watching these disgusting videos of people popping pimples on Facebook and Instagram. I know it is completely gross, but is strangely satisfying.

“The occasional popper or picker thinks they’re making themselves better — they think they’re helping," Dr. Wechsler told Huffington Post. “There’s a cycle of anxiety or arousal before the act and a sense of relief after." Basically it is a controlling impulse.

“There is a spectrum of behavior that ranges from normal urges to pick to disorders like acne excoriée and Skin-Picking Disorder, which are related to OCD,” Dr. Berlin tells Huffington Post.

Okay, now this makes since. I know I have problems, and I know this is gross. I just get lost in these videos, but I do the same thing with cake decorating videos. To me, I find these videos extremely satisfying and mesmerizing.


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