It's been a rough week for my little herd/family! Just last Saturday night, early Sunday morning, I lost my cat of 13 years, Crackie. Unfortunately, she passed away en route to the emergency animal clinic on Line Avenue around 3 am.

Sadly, there's not a limit on loss. Days later, Wednesday, July 17, 2019, we lost our beloved Neal aka Neal the Real Deal. I always called Neal our 'Rockstar' pony because my mother bought him from Ken and Cindi Shepherd. Neal came from the Los Angeles area, too and he loved living life slow and to the fullest... That's what made him a perfect candidate for our Hero Horse Therapeutic Riding Center.

Anyone who spent any time with him at all, fell in love with his gentle eye and kind soul. There’s no telling how many people he helped teach about the joys of horses and riding before he came to us as a senior citizen, but I can tell you this, we treasured every single moment we had with him. Thank you for always being such a good boy Neal. May you run free and without pain on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge... you will always be loved, our sweet Neal the Real Deal.

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