Sam Hunt says he feels fortunate to have his wife with him as he releases his new Southside album.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights, Hunt says that, like everyone else, he and his wife of nearly three years have been sheltered at home. Coronavirus hasn't quite forced him to postpone or cancel shows in 2020 (his tour begins in June), but it's something he's concerned about. Right now he's just grateful Hannah Lee Fowler was able to return home without incident before travel bans were put into place.

"She was out of town for a couple of weeks before all this hit. She was overseas so luckily she was able to get back in the country before things got crazy," he says, "So we've been using this time to catch up."

Southside (April 3) is Hunt's second studio album, the first since Montevallo in 2014. When asked which of the 12 songs is her favorite, he struggled to pick one, but "Hard to Forget" is promising.

"When I played her that Webb Pierce sample for the first time before I had written anything, she was like, 'You have to write something to this," Hunt says.

"I felt the same way. I was excited about that track, so that might be one of her favorites."

Hunt married Hannah in April 2017 after years of off-and-on dating. The Southside album begins and ends with sorrowful songs of regret. "2016" recounts a very bad year, while "Drinkin' Too Much" is the real life apology he originally released in early 2017. Overall the album casts a shadow on love, something surprising for relative newlyweds.

As for their wedding anniversary, Hunt hadn't quite pinned down grand plans when he spoked to the radio show.

"No, but I appreciate you reminding me that is coming up quick," he says.

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