It is not often that I get emotional about a post on social media, but this post stopped me in my tracks. I spotted a photo of a smiling baby in LSU gear next to a flower bed. What is this all about? This is a Shreveport family who lost that baby and they are now reaching out to give a little love to other families facing the same tragedy.
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So I Started to Read About Ryder's Roses:

"As most of you know we lost our son 2 months ago, we miss him dearly & want to be able to help others who have lost a child or a loved one.
With that being said if you or someone you know has lost a child or a loved one please reach out to us. We would like to make a flower bed as a memorial for your loved one at no charge."
That's the post from the Vosbury Family on a local neighborhood page. This amazing gift will include
•Weed preventative
•Pine straw or Mulch (your choice)
•4 knock outs rose bushes
American Rose Center/Facebook
American Rose Center/Facebook
This gift of life in the garden is available to families who have lost a child.  The Vosbury family says they "just want to spread the love & help someone else cope"
As  you can imagine, the response has been overwhelming. Yes, there have been many families who have suffered the tragic loss of a child who have reached out for the flower garden help. But several folks have also reached out to help do the work or donate money to help fund this grassroots effort.
This is what being a great community is all about. I smile when I think about this project and hope you will spread the word. Through tragedy, this family will learn the stories of so many other families going through the same trauma. I thank everyone involved and urge you to keep me posted about this project.
If you would like to help with Ryder's Roses, please click here to make a donation.

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