Forget the Space Race, we have entered the biggest vaccine race in our lifetime. Several officials have called it a "race" among nations for a coronavirus vaccine. Russia is now claiming they have reached the finish line.

Vladimir Putin claims that the Russian government has won the race to create the world's first coronavirus vaccine. The President of Russia also claims that his daughter got a shot, despite the lack of testing. According to Business Insider Putin claims that his daughter is feeling well after having the vaccine administered.

Putin claims the new vaccine "has passed all the needed checks,". Keep in mind the vaccine has not gone through phase 3 of trials. Several scientists have serious concerns about the vaccine, not just because of the lack of testing but because there were several reports claiming that scientists injected themselves with the prototype in order to boost development.

It seems that all precautions were thrown out the window at the Gamaleya Institute where the vaccine is being developed. Russia's Association of Clinical Research Organizations voiced their concern about the "crude violations" that the vaccine developers committed by injecting themselves.

Would you feel comfortable being injected with this vaccine?

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