SHREVEPORT, LA - One of the great things about living in the south is the southern hospitality. We have seen this all over town during this recent crisis. Neighbors have been stepping up to help each other. That happens all the time in Louisiana. We have big hearts. So, it comes as no surprise that the Bayou State is no where near the top of the list of the rudest states in the country.

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Zippia recently conducted a study to find out what states were the rudest. The number 1 spot on the list might surprise you.

How Did They Come Up with the List?

  • The percentage of rude drivers
  • The average tip
  • Cursing towards customer service
  • How rude the rest of the country finds the state.

Surprisingly, the rudest state in the U.S. is Rhode Island, where the average tip is only 15.3% and 3.1% of the state’s drivers are considered rude. Massachusetts is #2 with Virginia checking in at 3. No big shock that New York is #4 and California is #5.

For the stats on driving, they looked at traffic tickets handed out for a variety of things like tailgating, failure to yield and hit and run, to name a few.

On the opinion of the nation, Zippia looked at a YouGov survey of 75,000 Americans to check out what people said about the folks in all 50 states.

The state at the top of this list is Mississippi, which is considered the least rude state in the nation. The average tip in Mississippi is 17% and only 1% of drivers are considered rude.


Where Does Louisiana Fall on the List?

The Bayou State is the 43rd rudest state in the country, which is good news. This puts us near the top of this list. The average tip in Louisiana is 16.6% with 2% of our drivers considered rude.

Here Are the Top 5 States on the List

  1. Mississippi
  2. Arkansas
  3. North Carolina
  4. Vermont
  5. Kentucky

Texas is #35 on the list.

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