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Getting the news from your trusted doctor that your heart needs attention isn't great.  The upside to this life-altering news is that, thanks to modern medicine, there are a lot of options to treat heart issues.  The most complicated issues require equally complicated surgeries to correct.  While the success rate for open-heart surgeries across the nation remain high at around 95-97% (according to Medical News Today), the recovery is lengthy and difficult.

Congenital Defects, Chernobyl's Uncertain Legacy
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Even If You Have a Great Shreveport Heart Surgeon, Recovery is Going to Be Hard

One of the contributing factors to a difficult recovery from open-heart surgery is the fact that surgeons have to open up your entire chest to do it!  With the kind of incisions doctors have to use during the procedure and the kind of physical strain that puts on the body, a long recovery is virtually unavoidable.  The operation may be a success, but it will be a while before the patient is back at 100%.

Surgical Robot Scheduled For Heart Surgery
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Robots Have Already Started Operating on Shreveport Heart Patients

Now, a new surgical system at Christus Highland Medical Center in Shreveport is giving patients the life-saving heart surgeries they desperately need and cutting the recovery time down dramatically.  The ArkLaTex Homepage is reporting that late last week, the Davinci XI Surgical System performed flawlessly on it first procedure on an unnamed 68-year old man.

Federal Budget Cuts to Affect Veterans Nursing Homes
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Robotic Heart Surgeons in Shreveport Can Preform Miracles

The miracles of this modern medicinal marvel allow it not only allow surgeons to perform these complicated surgeries better - it helps the patients get back on their feet much quicker.  For the surgeons, the robotic machine provides laser-precision in regards to making incisions, installing stints, and closing wounds with sutures.  It also allows the professionals to get closer to their work by providing magnification at 150 times what the naked eye would allow.  For patients, the machine only needs to make a small incision between the ribs to do everything.  By not "opening up" the patient, the robot avoids trauma and large wounds left behind after a traditional surgery.

McDonald's At Made In America Festival In Philadelphia
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Shreveport's Robotic Surgeons Can't Fix All of Your Heart Problems

Eating better and exercising are still on you, but it's good to know that doctors in Shreveport are on the cutting edge of technology when and if you need a heart surgery.

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