New research suggests that Shreveport may have behaved better in 2019 compared to history.

The personal finance website WalletHub has released their annual listing of The Most Sinful Cities In America, and Shreveport has dropped compared to previous years.

To get the research put together, WalletHub hires at staff of college professors and Ph.Ds to crunch numbers and data across a ton of key metrics. To determine "how sinful" a city is, they look at metrics that measure "Anger & Hatred" by using crime statistics, "Jealousy" by measuring theft and fraud complaints, "Vices" by looking at obesity, drinking, and drug stats, "Greed" by measuring gambling and charitable donations, "Lust" with active Tinder users and adult entertainment, "Vanity" through plastic surgery and tanning salons, and "Laziness" through volunteer rates and high school dropouts.

Shreveport did NOT land in the Top 5 for Most Violent Crimes Per Capita, Most Thefts Per Capita, or Highest Excessive Drinking.

Just a few years ago, Shreveport was a Top 20 city on the list of Most Sinful Cities in America. But for 2019, Shreveport has fallen to #37 on the list. Still a Top 50 spot, but its the LOWEST of the measured cities in Louisiana. With both Baton Rouge (#14) and New Orleans (#16) ranking as more sinful. Which by the way, it's also a shock to see Baton Rouge beat New Orleans, until you remember how many politicians are in BR.

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