Two years ago this month, we lost Shreveport nightlife icon Disco Dale.

It's certainly not a stretch to use; the words "icon" or "legend" when describing Disco Dale. This is a man who's popularity somehow stretched across generations of Shreveporters over the years, all by doing one thing: Having the best time, no matter what.

It didn't matter where you ran into Disco Dale. It didn't matter what bar, nightclub, restaurant, or event. If Disco Dale was there, he was having a blast and if you didn't notice, he would let you know real quick. The man was a dancing machine who was never equipped with a "stop" button. He was, without a doubt, the Energizer Bunny of Shreveport nightlife and you better believe he operated that way up until his final days.

Just weeks before his untimely death in October of 2017, Disco Dale was the life of the party upstairs at the newly-opened Big Country.

I've always heard that if Disco Dale didn't come into a bar or a nightclub on a Saturday night, the night simply wasn't good enough. Of course, we all have memories of Disco tearing it up on a dance floor around town, but the real Disco that you'd find in the daylight was the nicest guy you'd ever meet.

I was lucky enough to be friends with Disco, who would always seem to find his way to most of the events around town I would appear at. Whether it was a live broadcast or a charity event at BPCC, or anything in between, Disco would always come with a smile on his face and let me know that he likes me, and also that he is still on top of the world. He was always supremely confident. He knew what he was and knew that so many people around town liked him. He was always quick to share that share that likeness with everyone.

Very hard to believe it's already been two year's since Shreveport lost it's party icon. In remembrance of Disco Dale, I say we spend every opportunity we can this month having a great time. Most importantly, though, let's try being overly nice to everyone we come across. If we all just find a little bit of Disco Dale in ourselves, our community would be a much better place.


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