Yep, Randy Travis is in trouble... AGAIN! Allthough he wasn't arrested this time, he was cited with simple assault by the Plano Police Department and hospitalized early Friday morning.

Law enforcement officials told that an "extremely intoxicated" Randy Travis was taken to an area hospital after getting into a fight with another man in a church parking lot .

What's the deal with the church parking lots Randy?  That's not the place to go when you're drunker than Cooter Brown!!

This is the third lawless drunken incident for Randy this year.  In February, Randy was arrested and charged with public drunkenness in a different Texas church parking lot after some super boozing on Superbowl Sunday!

And of course, earlier this month Randy was arrested again after some naked boozing and cruising in his '98 Trans Am.

Listen to my exclusive fake interview with Randy after his Aug. 7th arrest.

This is another sad turn of events for a man that was once on top of the country music world.

Randy went through a divorce in 2010 with his wife and manager of 30 years.  Since then, Randy and Elizabeth Travis have been suing and counter-suing each other in multiple lawsuits.

I've always been a fan of Randy's music and I hope he gets his life together soon... but you have to admit, when Randy drinks he goes BIG!  Drunken fights in church parking lots, naked naps in the road, wrecking his 98 Trans-Am... you can't make this stuff up!

Some of the lyrics from my favorite Randy Travis song have never rung more true since he "didn't have" wife Elizabeth.  Check out this video and let's remember the good times.

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