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If you haven't checked the weather forecast lately, here's a warning for you: get into your closet right now and dig out all your winter clothes. Yes, just in time for the holidays, winter is showing up in Shreveport-Bossier. I know, I's been mid to upper 70s for a long time, but we're about to get hit with an artic blast that will chill you to the bone if you're not prepared.

According to all the local meteorologists, the Weather Channel, the Farmer's Almanac and any other source you can think of it, it's about to get cold. The cold weather is moving in Saturday and will be with us for the foreseeable future. The 10 day forecast doesn't offer much of a break once the chill sets in.

The Weather Channel is predicting Saturday will have a low of 44 degrees with a high of 56. After that it just gets cold. Most days after that, temps will drop down close to freezing and won't get much higher than 55 most days.

How long these will these winter weather conditions last? At this time, it's unclear. However, I will say that we're about due for snow and a cold winter. shows that Shreveport sees a snow storm with accumulation about once every 3 years. Well...our last snow was 2017-2018, which means if history holds true, we're due to see some snow during the winter of 2020-2021. The Farmer's Almanac is also reporting a 'temperamental' winter for our region with blistering cold and wintery precipitation.

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