Are you familiar with numerology? It's kind of like if astrology and math went out on a date, got drunk, made a poor choice, and then had a baby that neither one of them claimed.

In other words, the story behind numerology can be sketchy to some. However, there are a lot of people that put a lot of stock in different numbers, their order, and what they bring to the aura of luck.

The Chinese culture has an entire playbook on what numbers you should use to get married, to have kids, to dance like a dragon and a lot of other things. I am guessing if somebody has been using numbers for centuries there must be something to it.

So, what does all of these Chinese,  illicit sex, and fortunes from the stars have to do with Saturday's projected $104 million Powerball drawing? I ask you to consider the day of the next Powerball draw. It will be March 11, 2017. When you put that in numerical form that's 3/11/17.

Those of you who didn't sleep through math class will recognize the connection between those three numbers. If you're like me and think a parabola is a part of the female anatomy you can't show on TV I will explain the connection.

Those three numbers are all prime numbers.

That means they are only divisible by themselves or the number one. Don't you dare try and divide by zero! If you do the world will end and North Korea's Kim Jong what's his name will make all of us get an ugly haircut like his.

Prime numbers are the holy grail, the top banana, the Burt Reynolds of the number world. For numerologist prime numbers like 3,11, and 17 represent a special energy, a prime energy, the kind of energy that can bend steel and grow hair.

Maybe that's why you should be thinking of your lucky numbers and plunking down a dollar or two on this Saturday's Powerball. As always we encourage you to play responsibly and if you don't have the money to lose then you don't have the money to play.

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