Move over, beer mile. You've been replaced.

A Philadelphia pizzeria held what may very well be the world's first pizza run, as a way to raise funds after it was robbed last weekend.

How exactly does a pizza mile work?

For the pizza mile, which is really more like .9 miles (lucky you!), runners will eat a slice of Pasqually’s pizza, run a hilly .3 miles around the block, eat a slice of pizza, run the lap again, then — you guessed it! — eat a slice, and run the lap.

Yeah, it's probably worth wearing a peppero-knee brace so you don't hurt yourself.

The event was a hit, too. Some 25 people took part (while 75 total turned out to support the cause), with winning times of 6:32 for men and 9:47 for women. No one ralphed, either, even though organizers were ready for that by lining trash cans along the race route.

Curious to see how the event looked? Of course you are. Take a look and thank the gods for social media almost as much as you do for stuffed crust.

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