If this recent survey is right, then most "true" Louisianans have a pretty high opinion of themselves.

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I'm not doubting that opinion isn't deserved. I've always believed that the most beautiful women in the world are right here in the Bayou State.  However, I never thought that just our food preference might determine the opinions of ourselves, but apparently it does.

Sean Gardner/Getty Images
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The website prnewswire.com just published a story that leads us down the path that we might have a pretty high opinion of ourselves.

In a poll commissioned by Frank's RedHot, 2,000 people were quizzed on the level of spice they preferred and their opinions of themselves and the results were eye opening (if not eye watering).

Apparently, 62% or nearly two thirds of the people who enjoy spicy food, much like real Cajun food, tend to think they are hot, finding themselves attractive.

The poll found that most people, 36%,  prefer a medium heat when asked about their level of spice.  Mild was next with 33% of the vote.  Just less than a quarter of the people or 24% like their food hot.  There was even a faction of only about 7% that don't want any spice at all.

After understanding the principals of the poll, some of the dominant personality traits associated with spice preference level became somewhat predictable.

  • "Mild" people are more likely to describe themselves as empathetic and shy
  • "Medium" people are calm, curious, and like cats and dogs equally
  • "Hot" fans are more likely to describe themselves as creative, confident, and adventurous.

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