Apparently it's Illegal in Oregon to pump your own gas but as of today that is changing for some. According to KTVL now "Oregon counties with 40,000 residents or less are allowed to deviate from that." For the majority of us pumping your own gas is a very common thing but many places esp up north still have attendants to assist you at the gas station but it's usually a convenience not a law.

A big reason for allowing self service for the rural areas is all the drivers going at night if they ran out of gas would be stranded. And being stranded on the side of the road during an Oregon winter is not a place you want to be!

The comments on KTVL's post showed that there's a lot of people who have never pumped their own gas and are confused as to how to do it. Let's all pray for Oregon as they try and figure out which side of their cars the gas goes in at!

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