Now obviously this is all my opinion but when you go out to eat I believe tipping 20% should be the minimum you leave. There's many options when it comes to eating from cooking at home, fast food, ordering it or dining in the restaurant. When you choose to dine in a restaurant you're going for more than the food but for the experience and the person giving you that experience is your waiter/ waitress. These servers are making on average between $2-4 an hour so they rely on tips to make up for the rest.

Unfortunately this means they're also blamed for everything that goes wrong while the diner is there. Just FYI a mess up on how the food is cooked, food time or annoying people at other tables isn't their fault so they should never be blamed. If you can't tell I've worked in the food and beverage industry, I was a bartender for 2 years while in college.

USA Today says 15% is the bare minimum for tipping but I've always lived by 20%... Except when they're killing it with their service then always tip more! If you don't have enough or don't plan on tipping 20%, stay home!

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