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Ah, yes. The genius signmakers in Shreveport have done it yet again.

Do you remember back in 2018 when Shreveport, LA went viral for having its very own West 71th Street?

Yep, that really happened. Someone approved, then someone printed, and then someone installed a sign in Shreveport that said 'W. 71th St.' instead of the grammatically correct 'W. 71st St.'

Guess what? The geniuses in Shreveport are back at it again. This sign was spotted by alert resident Shane VonSenden. Take a look at the sign in question, which has since been removed from Shreveport's Caddo Common Park on Texas Avenue near Municipal Auditorium.

Courtesy of Shane VonSenden
Courtesy of Shane VonSenden

I don't know about you, but even with a Haughton education, that math doesn't work. Now, you'd think this sign would have had a few sets of eyes on it before it was put up and that someone would have caught the mistake, but this one slipped through the cracks. It happens, we're human. But, of course, the online comedians came out in droves. Here are a few of our favorite responses. Enjoy!

Michelle Rettig Vineyard
The math ain’t mathing

Corrie Horne
Just do the three laps twice to get your mile in ‍

Robin Jones Ramsey
Common core math‍♀️

Elizabeth Reding Herriage
When you had one job…

Joshua Aaron Hanson
Math is hard

Tiffany Hyde
Remember the street sign a couple of years ago?? W 71th street! Whoever is in charge of these needs to “re-sign”

Lisa Brady LaCour
If you walk backwards on the 3rd lap it counts twice

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