As of right now, the Powerball jackpot is up to an incredible $635 million dollars. And it could possibly go higher before the actual drawing on Saturday, October 2. Everyone I know has lottery fever, and even if you don't usually play, you might just buy a ticket when the jackpot is over a half a billion dollars. And if you do win, we have some tips from experts on what to do when you find yourself all of a sudden a millionaire. (Here's a hint: Don't tell anyone you won just yet).

So I was thinking about the most Louisiana things you could do if you did actually win the big bucks. If money was no object. Not that money is everything, but it sure opens up a whole bunch of doors that might have been slammed in your face before. And you know us Louisiana folks know how to have some fun, sha. My suggestions are below. Good luck, y'all!

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Get a Suite at the Caesars Superdome. How great would it be to see every single New Orleans Saints and Pelicans game in the luxury of your very own suite? Not to mention all the great concerts and Mardi Gras balls and other fabulous local events. You could probably even cozy up to Mrs. Gayle Benson if you played your cards right.


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Throw your own parade. Us Louisiana folks love a good parade. You can start a krewe with all your new BFF's and hold a Mardi Gras parade in your honor. Or better yet, just buy a float and show up at all your favorite local parades, ready to go. With tons of throws, of course. You would be the belle of the ball, for sure. And those throws aren't cheap.


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Head to the Atchafalaya Basin to go off the grid for awhile. You might need some "me" time to figure out what your next move as a millionaire is. What better way than to find some peace and quite in one of our most beautiful natural resources. You can kayak, fish, take an airboat swamp tour, or just enjoy the beauty of the Sportsman's Paradise. Take a breath, and re-set.


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Hire one of Louisiana's famous chefs for a private dinner. How would you like John Besh, Emeril LaGasse, John Folse or Susan Spicer to come to your house and fix one of their fabulous cajun or creole meals? Heaven, for sure, and something definitely out of the average Joe's price range.


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Throw a party at Oak Alley. Louisiana's most famous antebellum home is gorgeous, historic, and very secluded. Perfect for your first celebration as a bazillionaire. It's elegant beyond words, and a true symbol of the beauty of our state. You can even spend the night there, if you have the money. (Which you now do).