If a guy proves he can't do his job, and will not answer for the biggest professional mistake of his life, would you let him keep doing that job?

Bill Vinovich was the head of the NFL Officiating crew that blew the pass interference call in the NFC Championship Game between the New Orleans Saints and Los Angles Rams. A call, that if made, sends New Orleans to the Super Bowl, and not the Rams.

A call that the NFL has reportedly told Saints Coach Sean Payton, was blown.

A blown call that the NFL still fined the offending player for, even though it wasn't flagged in the game.

So, after a call that was THAT BAD, you would expect the people in charge to apologize, explain themselves, or do something to answer is SOME WAY.

Well, that hasn't happened. Vinovich, and the NFL front office (looking at you Roger Goodell) have been pretty silent on the no-call. They don't want to own it, they don't want to share in the responsibility.

With a guy who won't take responsibility for blowing it, worse than ever before, are you ready to throw him back out there to make calls again before he ever takes responsibility for his mistakes?

The NCAA will.

Vinovich was back on the hardwood this week, as a referee for the NCAA in Men's Basketball.

According to 24/7 Sports, during this week's BYU vs St. Mary's game, there was a sign in the crowd that said "Bill, don't screw these Saints". While other fans tried to get answers (yeah, that's right, its not just Saints fans. People in Utah want answers too):

So if this guy can't own his calls, why would you give him the ability to screw up more games? Clearly he isn't stable enough to admit when he blows the most obvious call in history. This is a guy who shouldn't have a whistle.

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