For the last couple of years we've watched as the area west of Swan Lake Road and North of I-220 was cleared and developed.

Now home to the new Innovation Drive in North Bossier, the area was originally only home to the Bossier Parish School for Technology and Innovative Learning, but now boasts the new Holmes Honda and will, in the near future, provide residents with an additional medical alternative as Ochsner Health System has announced their purchase of thirty acres of land, on which they plan to build a new hospital.

The new hospital would sit west of Swan Lake Road and face I-220, with access from Innovation Drive.

KTBS first reported the purchase on Wednesday, October 27 and wrote:

Three individuals with limited knowledge of Ochsner’s plans, speaking on condition they not be publicly identified because there had been no official announcement, said Ochsner representatives said the health-care system intends to build a full-service hospital and clinics. They did not know when Ochsner intends to start.

Of course, this will provide North Bossier, Benton and many Haughton residents an option to Willis Knighton, which is currently the only full service hospital in the area.

From what we've learned, Ochsner has confirmed the property purchase, but has provided no specific information as to when construction might begin or any possible timelines.

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