Now that I've read that headline out loud, it sounds kind of morbid. Let me explain.

Margaritaville is not just a resort and casino in Bossier City, Louisiana. It's a lifestyle created by Jimmy Buffett and described as the epitome of relaxation, comfort and good times. That description is not only what I want my next vacation to be, it's also exactly what I want my future retirement to be. The good news is, it can be!

Allow me to introduce you to Margaritaville's senior-living community, Latitude.

According to Coastal Living, Jimmy Buffett is expanding his brand into the world of retired living. This is in addition to the restaurants, hotels, vacation resorts and products the company is already known for. Margaritaville has teamed up with Minto Communities, a real estate company, to develop these communities across the country.

Each, of course, will need to be near the sea.

The first location is already undergoing its $1 billion construction and will be in Daytona Beach, Florida. The publication says there will be comfortable walking neighborhoods featuring 6,900 homes in addition to a town center with a gym, pool and spa. Residents can also enjoy signature Margaritaville food and beverages.

I'm thinking cheeseburgers in paradise and margaritas all day!

There will also be an entertainment venue for live music (occasionally by Jimmy, we can only imagine) and a private beachfront with free shuttle access. Unfortunately, this paradise (pun totally intended) is only available to those 55 and older. Guess, I'll start saving now.

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