For nearly 30 years, Lester 'Les' Mason has served the North Caddo community. This morning, he was killed in a car accident.

Caddo Parish sent out a press release that no one ever likes to receive. The press release today read, "The Parish extends our heartfelt condolences and prayers to Mr. Les Mason’s family, friends and those whose lives he touched throughout our Parish."

Without question, Lester Mason, or Coach Mason as he is referred to at North Caddo, impacted many lives during his time at North Caddo. Mason clearly loved North Caddo, spending nearly three decades on campus as the special education teacher and assistant football coach.

“Les was more than a teacher or coach for North Caddo. He was a father figure, family member and confidante to so many who knew him,” said Annie Cherry, Principal of North Caddo High School. “He was loved immensely not only at this campus but in our community. His loss will be felt for years and his legacy will always be a part of our school community.”

Since 1998, Coach Mason served the school and its students. Today, he spent the morning on campus working with students and teachers. Around morning, he left to attend a special education training session. Shortly after leaving the school, Coach Mason was killed in a fatal car accident involving one other vehicle.

Our deepest condolences go to Coach Mason and his family, as well as his second family at North Caddo High School.

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