As a fan of all things creepy and strange, I am so excited that scientists are continuing the search for the Loch Ness monster.

Although my heart will always be with Bigfoot, I am very curious about whether Nessie is real or not. She was the first monster I ever really researched as a kid. In the library in my elementary school there was a whole section on cryptozoology. Nessie was the first book I picked out in that section. It was so interesting reading about the legends and the stories from eye witnesses. So seeing now that scientists are continuing the search peaks my interest.

As explained in Reuters, next month a group of scientists will begin searching for any sign of DNA.  The article also mentions that the scientists will be searching for any kind of left over materials like skin, scales, feathers, fur, feces and urine. This is how they keep track of other animals like sharks and whales.

I am so curious to see what they will find!

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