This past weekend I got to be a part of one of my closest friend's wedding. It was beautiful and lovely. There were a few hiccups though. All weddings have a small little emergency that cause stress on everyone the day or week of the wedding. For my friend the emergency was that the flowers all died the morning of the ceremony. Apparently the fridge where the flowers were kept was set too cold and murdered the flower bouquets.

According to news sources, there is a new trend that could have saved my friend's wedding in such a cute way. Apparently the new trend is instead of bridesmaids holding flowers they are holding puppies! How precious is that? Forget about how adorable the flower girl is throwing flower petals here and there. Think about how precious those little puppies would be during the ceremony. They will take the attention away from the couple and having them roam around the venue because you can't hold them the entire time. They get antsy. I will remember this if I ever tie the knot.

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